Sunday, July 22, 2007


Interest is growing for leasing space at 701.
We've had many inquiries and a lease has already been drawn up for a potential tenant.
Suite sizes range from 300 sq ft - 10,000 sq ft.
These floor plans may change slightly but they are pretty close.
You can click on images for a larger image.

If you're interested in leasing space at 701, please contact:
Richard Burts (803) 414-9450

701 Update
The view from the front spaces will be fabulous!

Steady progress is being made on the 701 Whaley restoration. New massive footers (foundations) have been poured and some of the new steel will be in soon.

Windows for the west wall will begin arriving in August.

The concrete block fill in the front can be removed in August as well.

The stripping of paint on the exterior brick facade, which has long been pink in color, is nearing completion.

What a difference in the look of this extraodinary old Mill building a little time has made!