Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update from Richard 2/07

Phase 1 - demolition and stabilization are finished. The building ends are nicely tarped off from further exposure to the weather.

The last of the environmental abatement was completed.
The brick and mortar strength testing has been performed.

Three elevator companies have been on site. The shaft is the only thing that can be saved according to all three companies. The general feeling is that a new elevator including shaft, in the long run, might be more cost effective.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This is what is NEW.

A task force was formed to help steer the use of 701 Whaley with
two committees so far. For-profit and nonprofit.

The vision for the nonprofit is to turn around 12,000sq ft of the upstairs into artist studio, gallery and administrative space.

The non-profit now has an official name:
Center for Contemporary Art

There has been tremendous interest and things are moving fast.
The nonprofit application process is underway and we are looking at grant opportunities.

I think some of the 2nd floor tenants will be getting a brand new floor & ceiling!

The for-profit direction has entertained lots of great ideas with a vision towards an event hall with complimentary retail for the downstairs.