Sunday, December 17, 2006

An Update from Richard

Demolition and stabilization have started.
Ummm. Excuse me Richard - but have you already gone towards the light?
These guys are serious about preserving every savable inch of this historic building.
Watch this video to see Richard on a mission.

Richard's Notes 12/15
We had a strong week at 701. I feel good about what has been accomplished and look forward to diving into next week.

This week at 701 - Week 3 - 12/18/06

Three main areas of work.
1. Floor and roof stabilization. I would estimate that this task is 90% complete and will be completed in the beginning of the week.

2. Demolition on the east side:
a. Front - one last floor and roof section.
b. Rear - one last roof section.

3. East exterior wall stabilization. This wall has been significantly weakened and a strong wind storm could bring it down. It will be reinforced until the new steel structure is put in place. Pole bracing will be erected at intervals on a diagonal both inside and outside of the building.

Some interesting finds for the week:
An exterior entrance to the basement was discovered.
An old stairwell (with no stairs) was found on the left rear.
There is an area on the back right where you can see water in the basement. The reason became clear this week as to why - there is no floor. There used to be a floor - beam pockets can be seen.

Hood Construction should be wrapping up this first phase by the end of this next week. Hopefully our soil testing and engineering can proceed quickly so that Hood can start flying steel in during the early part of March.

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