Friday, November 21, 2008

701 Open House Night

Open House Night was great fun and a huge success!
The video below was shot mostly by Heidi Meltretter with Joe Holmes supplying the shot and sound for Next Door Drummers.
Richard Burts & Robert Lewis talk about the new old building and what it means to have folks celebrate it.

Many things have taken place during the first couple of months of being open.

701 Center for Contemporary Arts opened with a gala, a public reception and a beautiful exhibit that many have already enjoyed.
Photos by Molly Harrell

The building is once again being filled with life and laughter!

Visit Ellen at the 701cca loft space.

AIGA held their INSHOW awards in the Grand Reception Hall.

Delirium Tribal brought
Raquy and the Caveman to Columbia. This was a fantastic show!
Photos by Cesar Palacio

701 Whaley is again proving to be a popular venue for all kinds of things! The interest and excitement continues to build, the opportunities and options are drawing people in and finally 701 Whaley's potential as a destination and gathering place is becoming a reality.

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